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Friday, 21 January 2022
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Over the last three years Star Micronics has introduced a variety of new products with such advanced processing power that the old fashioned method of measuring print speed has been made redundant.

Simply measuring how fast the head will print one isolated mm of output does not take into account the total investment that has been put into the overall “build”. Normally we would not directly target a competitor’s product, but Star feels it is necessary to show that a new method of measuring output speed is now required.

Star Micronics will therefore be using the new standard in print speed measurement called RPM.

This will measure the actual time taken to produce an entire receipt from the moment it is requested by the software to when it is produced – all in a laboratory controlled environment. Star’s latest product, TSP100 futurePRNT, is testament to the vast difference in throughput speed when using the very latest in printer technology. Just look at the results in the table below. Users are no longer limited to using old fashioned, unexciting resident fonts on their receipts.

The TSP100 futurePRNT is capable of producing the same number of receipts per minute using modern TrueType fonts instead.

• Sophisticated, high performance thermal printer with tear bar or autocutter.
• Robust, high speed guillotine cutter for increased reliability.
• Drop-In & Print”, easy paper loading in either the standard horizontal or space saving vertical position.
• Full speed USB interface with selectable serial port emulation - New LAN and PoweredUSB versions also available.
• Up to 45 receipts per minute.
• 2 colour printing capability (red / black, blue / black)
• Value-added software for retailers including receipt redesign tool, coupon marketing tool and image import tool, multicopy tool.
• Electronic journal facility.

Star Performance -
Print Speed vs Throughput, - Receipts Per Minute

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