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Tuesday, 18 January 2022
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The CASIO 130CR electronic cash register made for small to medium sized retail stores with an ergonomic case and easy-to-use advanced functions and security features.

Model Name
130CR small-sized drawer with single tray
130CR with medium-sized drawer with multi trays

Highlighted Features
Powerful department functions with large key tops
The 130CR features four departments.Each department has a large key top - double sized key top - and powerful presettable functions such as unit price up to 6 digits, Single item sales status, high amount limit, and negative department
100 PLUs
100 items can be programmed into the unit price for quick and accurate registration. Linking to the department makes it possible to categorize selling items.
Rotary mode switch
Large rotary mode switch provides quick start up and switching to other operation modes.
Simple tax calculation
Add-in and Add-on tax system makes the whole tax operation simple and fast. Taxable status can be easily assigned to each department and PLUs.
Instant switchover to daylight-saving time
Time can be switching over to the daylight saving time, and vise versa.
Calculator mode
The calculator mode allows the 130CR to become a calculator. Simply turn the mode switch to �gCAL�h and you can sue it as a calculator.
Three ways to tender payment
Cash, charge and check payment media can be used providing shoppers with the flexibility to meet their individual life styles.

Other Features
Journal or receipt printing selection
Received on account/Paid-out functions
Error correction
Refund mode for recording of the returned goods
Percentage and discount amount
EURO function
Battery backed up for memory protection*
Time and date display
Lockable cash drawer
Security system
Easy and quick programming

* This package does not include batteries.

Four types of reports

For different types of repots are available to provide information on the sales. Financial report for a quick check of your sales during business hours. Periodic report for a specific period of sales, PLU report for 100 items and general control report for the departments and all other functions totalizers.

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